Who is handling your IT functions?

In many small to medium size companies the individual who becomes responsible for many company IT functions is usually poorly qualified to do so.  This is due to the lack of funds for a full-time IT staff member.  I have seen everything from the company controller, (a lot of times it falls to a finance person), a sales manager and the manager of the lumber yard. These people just happen to have the most IT skills or were foolish enough to volunteer for the task.

When these individuals end up managing these functions the jobs which they are supposed to be performing can suffer greatly. The controller ends up missing deadlines resulting in fines and the sales manager fails to meet sales quotas. The lumber yard manager fails to keep common stock in inventory resulting in lost sales. This is due to these people being distracted by IT tasks that they do not understand well.  It normally takes them much longer to perform simple tasks due to the lack of professional training.

When these companies finally realize that the bottom line is suffering they need to find an outsourced IT company to assist with their daily computer network functions.  That is where an outsourced IT company comes into play.  Not only can they monitor your systems in the back ground to prevent failures before they happen, they can assist in adds, moves and changes in a timely and efficient manner freeing up your non IT staff to perform their jobs properly.

If you are in a non IT position and need advise on a particular issue you are having on your network, place your post here and we can help you out.

Harry McConchie – Systems Engineer – Carter Information Solutions

cisi@carterinfo.com – 301-576-6456


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We want your business network to be secure, reliable and productive - whether we're managing it or you are! This blog is intended to help keep you keep your network running smoothly. But if you ever need our assistance or would like us to manage your IT we're here to help. We remotely monitor your devices 24/7/365, preventative maintenace to prevent failures, keep your system secure, your operating systems up to date, configurations, patch management and back ups. Every month you will recieve a detailed report from our CER to show how your system ran for the month, any problems that occured and all work that was done to prevent a problem, updates, virus scans etc. Focus on Your Business - Not your Network with our Innovative Solutions for Your Computing Needs.
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