Boom Boom, out go the lights!

Have you ever found yourself happily computing along when suddenly you can’t see the keyboard?  This can be caused by some yahoo with a backhoe digging a flower bed, knocking down a power pole or maybe you just didn’t pay the electric bill.  Whatever the cause, when the power goes out the very least you can do is make sure your sensitive electronic equipment is plugged into a surge protector; preferably one with a battery back up that will at least allow you enough time to shut down your computers safely.

These solutions can run as little as $10 for a basic surge protector with no battery back up to as much as hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the level of uptime you or your organization require.  The most important element being protecting your equipment from a power spike that can ruin a perfectly good PC, laptop, or server.  Some of the large electric utilities will even put a heavy duty surge protector on your home for a small monthly fee that will guarentee to replace damaged equipment up to $10,000 or more.

If you need any advice on protecting your equipment from power spikes fell free to contact me:

Harry McConchie – Carter Information Solutions – System Engineer

301-576-6456 – or simply reply to this post with your query.

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We want your business network to be secure, reliable and productive - whether we're managing it or you are! This blog is intended to help keep you keep your network running smoothly. But if you ever need our assistance or would like us to manage your IT we're here to help. We remotely monitor your devices 24/7/365, preventative maintenace to prevent failures, keep your system secure, your operating systems up to date, configurations, patch management and back ups. Every month you will recieve a detailed report from our CER to show how your system ran for the month, any problems that occured and all work that was done to prevent a problem, updates, virus scans etc. Focus on Your Business - Not your Network with our Innovative Solutions for Your Computing Needs.
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