Does all of the software on your Network really belong to you?

In this fast paced world of business computing it is easy to lose track of the resources on your network. Software is the easiest thing to add and remove from your systems especially if you have multiple users with administrative rights.  What every company needs to be mindful of is unauthorized or unlicensed software on your systems.  You also need to realize that if the software is essential to your business such as Anti virus and it is not properly licensed to you it may fail at a very inopportune moment leaving you with out protection or application processing that your business may rely on.

All it takes is one disgruntled ex employee to drop a dime on you to a major software company explaining to them that you are using unlicensed software to result in some pretty hefty fines and penalties.  If you ever need assistance in doing a software level network license assessment then I am your guy.  You can contact me:

Harry McConchie – Senior Systems Engineer – Carter Information Solutions – 301.576.6456

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We want your business network to be secure, reliable and productive - whether we're managing it or you are! This blog is intended to help keep you keep your network running smoothly. But if you ever need our assistance or would like us to manage your IT we're here to help. We remotely monitor your devices 24/7/365, preventative maintenace to prevent failures, keep your system secure, your operating systems up to date, configurations, patch management and back ups. Every month you will recieve a detailed report from our CER to show how your system ran for the month, any problems that occured and all work that was done to prevent a problem, updates, virus scans etc. Focus on Your Business - Not your Network with our Innovative Solutions for Your Computing Needs.
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