Ever wonder where your auto complete address entries have gone?

Most people who use e-mail on a regular basis usually have a list of e-mail contacts that they use to simply their lives.  This includes the auto complete feature with in Outlook that drops a suggestion box down with a list of potential email selections depending on the name you start to type.

Then one day you get a new PC or laptop, load Outlook and import your contacts but for some strange reason the auto complete feature does not function.  Auto complete is a learned function within Outlook.  This is actually a file that is not part of the import and export process within Outlook but many people would be very upset if they had to re-enter all of the commonly used e-mail recipients again after accumulating an auto complete list over years of e-mailing.

I recently helped a business owner retrieve her 5+ years of auto complete entries from her old Win XP machine to her new Win7 PC.  Outlook 2007 was the version loaded on both machines.  The IT company she is using; the ones who decommissioned her old PC and installed her new PC told her she just needed to renenter addresses as she goes along.  They were not able to retrieve it from the old box, more likely they didn’t care enough to do it or want to spend the extra time to research, correct the issue and make their client happy.  She is happy now.

There are several different methods of accomplishing this, it all depends on what version of Outlook you are using and what version you are importing it into.  We can give you a hand if you post your auto complete issue and we will be happy to guide you in resolving it.

Harry McConchie – hmcconchie@carterinfo.com

Carter Information Solutions – 301-576-6456

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