The simplest of things can trip you up.

Millions of people around the globe rely on computers daily for many different reasons but have little clue that the simplest of actions or failures can stop you in your tracks.  I encountered a client that had a new hard drive installed and his software and data reloaded.  The machine performed as it should for about a week and then suddenly would not boot any longer.  In his description to me it appeared that it would load to the manufactures screen then freeze.  It would not allow him to select F2 for set up, F8 for safe mode or F12 for boot menu.  I had him bring the ailing PC in and I plugged it into all of my cords, keyboard, mouse, monitor, power and it booted up fine, rebooted as well with no worries.  I unplugged the PC tower from all connections, he carried it back home, it would not boot up.  After questioning him for a minute I realized that the PC was not receiving any power at all, the outlet was hot but the every day, ordinary generic power cord was faulty and needed to be replaced.

Another interesting example involved a wireless mouse.  A client installed the USB fob for a new wireless mouse and the PC accepted it with no problem.  The client used the machine all day and then rebooted prior to leaving the office.  The next morning they went to log in and found the PC was frozen on the manufactures logo screen about one-third of the way into the load.  They unplugged the USB mouse fob and the PC booted as normal.  I went on site and discovered that the old wireless mouse was still plugged into power and the PC so it was causing a conflict with the new mouse on boot.  I removed the old device and everything is back to functioning once again.

If you have situations you have encountered that were solved by the simplest solution please post it here, we always enjoy learning from other people’s adventures in computer land.  You can also post a network or just PC issue you have been encountering here and we can give you advice or solving your particular issue.

Just post here or contact me, Harry McConchie – Systems Engineer, Carter Information Solutions – 301-576-6456 or check us out on the web at

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